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ETris Game

This is a game very similar to Tetris, if you just want to play it is possible to do that directly on my homepage.
If you wan't to install it locally on your own computer, you can just download it.
See here for more information.

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1.0.3   2006-02-05   erland-game-tetris-1.0.3.zip    erland-game-tetris-1.0.3-src.zip   
Updated so Java 1.4 is not required if Java 5 already is installed
1.0.2   2005-05-08   erland-game-tetris-1.0.2.zip    erland-game-tetris-1.0.2-src.zip   
Updated delivery package to war file
1.0.1   2004-07-27   erland-game-tetris-1.0.1.zip    erland-game-tetris-1.0.1-src.zip   
Updated so Jakarta commons-logging is used instead of the Log class from erland-util library.
1.0   2004-02-11   erland-game-tetris-1.0.zip    erland-game-tetris-1.0-src.zip   
First official version