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Webapp Common Library

This is a java library with some different utility classes which is useful for developing web applications.
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1.26   2006-01-03   erland-webapp-common-1.26.zip    erland-webapp-common-1.26-src.zip   
Added utility classes in erland.webapp.common.http for posting multipart/from-data and managing cookies
1.25   2005-08-18   erland-webapp-common-1.25.zip    erland-webapp-common-1.25-src.zip   
Added replaceHostAndContextParameters to ServletParameterHelper class
Added usage of replaceHostAndContextParameters method in taglibs
1.24   2005-06-04   erland-webapp-common-1.24.zip    erland-webapp-common-1.24-src.zip   
Added support for singleton in ServiceFactory class
1.23   2005-05-07   erland-webapp-common-1.23.zip    erland-webapp-common-1.23-src.zip   
Added support for lang request parameter in BaseAction and taglibs
Updated so struts 1.2.4 is used
1.22   2005-03-27   erland-webapp-common-1.22.zip    erland-webapp-common-1.22-src.zip   
Added support for hostname and ip address filtering in menu taglibs
1.21   2005-01-23   erland-webapp-common-1.21.zip    erland-webapp-common-1.21-src.zip   
Added PathForwardAction which makes it possible to map links with query strings to a standard url.
Updated handling regarding copyright logo on images.
1.20   2004-08-28   erland-webapp-common-1.20.zip    erland-webapp-common-1.20-src.zip   
Added HTMLTextStyleStringReplace class
1.19   2004-08-22   erland-webapp-common-1.19.zip    erland-webapp-common-1.19-src.zip   
Updated so error messages is logged with commons-logging so they can be turned off.
Added RequestParameterSwitchAction.
1.18   2004-08-05   erland-webapp-common-1.18.zip    erland-webapp-common-1.18-src.zip   
Moved logic from ServletParameterHelper to erland-util library.
Made it possible to specify delimiter character for parameter strings in ServletParameterHelper.
1.17   2004-08-03   erland-webapp-common-1.17.zip    erland-webapp-common-1.17-src.zip   
Added DescriptionId classes.
Removed DescriptionTagPlugin.
Made size when copyright is pasted on pictures smaller.
1.16.1   2004-07-27   erland-webapp-common-1.16.1.zip    erland-webapp-common-1.16.1-src.zip   
Updated so Jakarta commons-logging is used instead of the Log class from erland-util library.
1.16   2004-07-21   erland-webapp-common-1.16.zip    erland-webapp-common-1.16-src.zip   
Updated ServletParameterHelper with some new replace parameter methods.
Added ManagedDirPlugin which makes it possible to limit a cache directory to a specific size.
Added parameters attribute on beanlink and beanimage taglibs
Corrected some small errors.
1.15   2004-07-16   erland-webapp-common-1.15.zip    erland-webapp-common-1.15-src.zip   
Moved some methods from ServletParameterHelper class to erland-util library.
Updated due to changes in erland-util library.
1.14.2   2004-06-27   erland-webapp-common-1.14.2.zip    erland-webapp-common-1.14.2-src.zip   
Corrected an error in ServletParameterHelper replaceDynamicParameters so it handles null and blank fields the same way
1.14.1   2004-06-26   erland-webapp-common-1.14.1.zip    erland-webapp-common-1.14.1-src.zip   
Corrected thumbnail generation classes so they does not crash if thumbnail generation fails
1.14   2004-06-13   erland-webapp-common-1.14.zip    erland-webapp-common-1.14-src.zip   
Updated HTMLEncoder class with reset method so the data in replace routines can be reloaded
1.13   2004-05-23   erland-webapp-common-1.13.zip    erland-webapp-common-1.13-src.zip   
Corrected an error in the menu taglibs which made several menus open at the same time in some situations.
Added BaseTaskPlugin which is supposed to be used when you want to create background processes.
1.12   2004-05-22   erland-webapp-common-1.12.zip    erland-webapp-common-1.12-src.zip   
Added MetadataImageThumbnail which makes it possible to extract exif thumbnails from jpeg images.
1.11.1   2004-05-22   erland-webapp-common-1.11.1.zip    erland-webapp-common-1.11.1-src.zip   
Corrected performance issue when generating image thumbnails of images with embedded ICC profile
1.11   2004-04-18   erland-webapp-common-1.11.zip    erland-webapp-common-1.11-src.zip   
Updated menuitem and beanmenuitem so they support both title and titleKey tag
Updated menuitem and beanmenuitem so they support a target tag
Added helplink tag
1.10   2004-04-15   erland-webapp-common-1.10.zip    erland-webapp-common-1.10-src.zip   
Added rowIterationsProperty and columnIterationsProperty on tablegrid tag
Added support for several languages in description tags entity
Added support for several langauges in cfgresource tag
Added support for NOT in ServletParameterHelper
1.9   2004-03-29   erland-webapp-common-1.9.zip    erland-webapp-common-1.9-src.zip   
Added support in thumbnail classes to generate thumbnails with a specified height
Added support for replacable parameters in SessionObjectSwitchAction
1.8   2004-03-27   erland-webapp-common-1.8.zip    erland-webapp-common-1.8-src.zip   
Added tablegridcolumn taglib
Updated tablegrid taglib with rowStyle and columnIterations attributes
Updated entity storage classes so it is possible to select ordering when reading entities
1.7   2004-03-21   erland-webapp-common-1.7.zip    erland-webapp-common-1.7-src.zip   
Added htmloptions taglib
1.6   2004-03-09   erland-webapp-common-1.6.zip    erland-webapp-common-1.6-src.zip   
Added support for Float in entity classes
Updated ImageThumbnail with support for better quality scaling
Updated ImageWriteHelper so it is possible to specify an expire date for cache files
1.5   2004-03-07   erland-webapp-common-1.5.zip    erland-webapp-common-1.5-src.zip   
Added MenuExpandAction and SessionObjectSwitchAction
Added ImageFilter functionallity in ImageWriteHelper
Extended ImageWriteHelper so it is possible to have different cache files for different galleries
1.4.1   2004-02-27   erland-webapp-common-1.4.1.zip    erland-webapp-common-1.4.1-src.zip   
Corrected BaseAction so it sets the Globals.LOCALE_KEY when a request is received
1.4   2004-02-27   erland-webapp-common-1.4.zip    erland-webapp-common-1.4-src.zip   
Added support for "frominput" attribute in entity handling classes
1.3   2004-02-25   erland-webapp-common-1.3.zip    erland-webapp-common-1.3-src.zip   
Added tablegrid and tablegridrow tags
Added a ForwardAction which makes it possible to forward incomming requests based on a regular expression
1.2.1   2004-02-19   erland-webapp-common-1.2.1.zip    erland-webapp-common-1.2.1-src.zip   
Updated the beanimage tag so it takes a height parameter
1.2   2004-02-19   erland-webapp-common-1.2.zip    erland-webapp-common-1.2-src.zip   
Updated the beanimage tag so it takes a width parameter
Corrected several tags which didn't work correctly when there was several tags used in the same page
1.1   2004-02-17   erland-webapp-common-1.1.zip    erland-webapp-common-1.1-src.zip   
Added 3 taglibs
beanlink: A link based on a property in a bean
beanimage: An image based on a property in a bean
beancalendar: A graphical calendar
1.0   2004-02-05   erland-webapp-common-1.0.zip    erland-webapp-common-1.0-src.zip   
First official version