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Simple Gallery

This is a web application where you just put your pictures in a directory, the web application will then detect new pictures automatically and publish them in the gallery on the web.
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1.4.2   2005-08-18   erland-webapp-dirgallery-1.4.2.zip    erland-webapp-dirgallery-1.4.2-src.zip   
Added support for host independent configuration
1.4.1   2005-07-23   erland-webapp-dirgallery-1.4.1.zip    erland-webapp-dirgallery-1.4.1-src.zip   
Updated so it works with Java 5 and Tomcat 5.5
1.4   2005-01-23   erland-webapp-dirgallery-1.4.zip    erland-webapp-dirgallery-1.4-src.zip   
Updated so it is possible to access pictures with a usual url instead of a query string with ? and &
Updated so the copyright logo positioning can be configured
1.3   2005-01-01   erland-webapp-dirgallery-1.3.zip    erland-webapp-dirgallery-1.3-src.zip   
Updated so passwords are encrypted in database.
Added developed by link at bottom of gallery page.
1.2.2   2004-07-27   erland-webapp-dirgallery-1.2.2.zip    erland-webapp-dirgallery-1.2.2-src.zip   
Updated so Jakarta commons-logging is used instead of the Log class from erland-util library.
1.2.1   2004-07-19   erland-webapp-dirgallery-1.2.1.zip    erland-webapp-dirgallery-1.2.1-src.zip   
Updated stylesheet so all elements has a style.
Updated due to changes in erland-common-webapp library.
Corrected some small errors.
1.2   2004-06-26   erland-webapp-dirgallery-1.2.zip    erland-webapp-dirgallery-1.2-src.zip   
Updated so avi and mov files are supported, creation of tumbnails does not work in all cases due to limited codec support
Updated so the handling when a thumbnail can't be created looks better
Updated so exif information is shown in two columns
Updated so it works with other webservers, such as for example resin
1.1.2   2004-03-07   erland-webapp-dirgallery-1.1.2.zip    erland-webapp-dirgallery-1.1.2-src.zip   
Updated so it can be executed in other web servers than tomcat.
Updated so it returns iso8859-1
1.1.1   2004-02-26   erland-webapp-dirgallery-1.1.1.zip    erland-webapp-dirgallery-1.1.1-src.zip   
Updated build scripts so jsp pages are compiled during the build process
1.1   2004-02-25   erland-webapp-dirgallery-1.1.zip    erland-webapp-dirgallery-1.1-src.zip   
Updated so struts is used, no new functionallity but a lot of internal changes
1.0   2003-09-28   erland-webapp-dirgallery-1.0.zip   
First official version