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SqueezeCenter Auto Repositories

This plugin for Squeezebox Server makes it easier to install third party plugins. All third party plugins available in Extension Downloader repositories on the Logitech wiki page will be automatically available in Extension Downloader for installation. There is no need to setup any extra repositories, just install this plugin and you will be able to install all available plugins independent if they are offcially recommended by Logitech or not. To avoid unecessary security threats it doesn't actually download the repositories directly from the wiki page, it downloads them from a Google Code project which is manually managed to avoid spam and make sure only serious repository urls are added.

See my Wiki for information about Auto Repository and my other plugins.

See here for more information about Squeezebox Server and SqueezeBox.

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1.0.1   2009-06-19   AutoRepo-1.0.1.zip   
Corrected problem with 7.3
1.0   2009-06-19   AutoRepo-1.0.zip   
Initial version