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SqueezeCenter CustomScan

This plugin makes it possible to get more information about artist, albums, tracks than available from the standard slimserver scan. The purpose of the plugin is provide a framework for scanning modules that retrieves additional information from various places, it includes the following scanning modules by default.

Custom Tags
A scanning module that reads additional tags from the music files that are not normally stored in the slimserver database.

A scanning module that reads a number of different information from the LastFM database.
The module currently reads the following additional information for all artists:
- LastFM tags for the artist
- Picture url for the artist
- Similar artists to the scanned artist

The information read by the above modules is just stored in a separate table in the database and cannot be viewed in standard slimserver.
If you install the SQLPlayList plugin you can use the read information to create smart playlists.
If you install the Custom Browse plugin you can use the read information to create browse menus.

See my Wiki for information about Custom Scan and my other plugins.

See here for more information about the slimserver and SqueezeBox.

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The current wish list for new features and open bugs in CustomScan can be found here

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2.10.51   2017-07-20   CustomScan-2.10.51.zip   
2.9.3901   2014-01-28   CustomScan-2.9.3901.zip   
2.9.3874   2013-06-22   CustomScan-2.9.3874.zip   
2.9.3841   2012-10-27   CustomScan-2.9.3841.zip   
2.9.3834   2012-08-09   CustomScan-2.9.3834.zip   
2.8.3779   2012-01-24   CustomScan-2.8.3779.zip   
2.8.3750   2011-12-08   CustomScan-2.8.3750.zip   
2.8.3731   2011-12-06   CustomScan-2.8.3731.zip   
2.8.3692   2011-11-13   CustomScan-2.8.3692.zip   
2.8.3601   2011-10-28   CustomScan-2.8.3601.zip   
2.8.3569   2011-10-23   CustomScan-2.8.3569.zip   
2.8.3563   2011-10-22   CustomScan-2.8.3563.zip   
2.8.3551   2011-10-06   CustomScan-2.8.3551.zip   
2.8.3545   2011-10-05   CustomScan-2.8.3545.zip   
2.8.3526   2011-10-02   CustomScan-2.8.3526.zip   
2.8.3489   2011-09-24   CustomScan-2.8.3489.zip   
2.8.3478   2011-09-23   CustomScan-2.8.3478.zip   
Beta version with License Manager support, requires License Manager plugin to work
Corrected some browsing performance issues with 7.6 and SQLite, at startup and possibly also during normal usage.
Corrected issue where a lot of temporary harddrive space were used during scanning in 7.6
Corrected title format handling so it works in 7.6
2.8.3388   2011-08-02   CustomScan-2.8.3388.zip   
2.8.3383   2011-07-28   CustomScan-2.8.3383.zip   
2.8.3378   2011-07-26   CustomScan-2.8.3378.zip   
2.8.3363   2011-07-08   CustomScan-2.8.3363.zip   
2.8.3357   2011-07-07   CustomScan-2.8.3357.zip   
2.8.3335   2011-07-06   CustomScan-2.8.3335.zip   
2.8.3331   2011-04-17   CustomScan-2.8.3331.zip   
2.8.3323   2011-02-24   CustomScan-2.8.3323.zip   
2.8.3223   2010-07-10   CustomScan-2.8.3223.zip   
2.8.3210   2010-06-05   CustomScan-2.8.3210.zip   
2.7.6   2010-04-24   CustomScan-2.7.6.zip   
2.7.5   2010-04-19   CustomScan-2.7.5.zip   
2.7.4   2009-11-05   CustomScan-2.7.4.zip   
2.7.3   2009-11-04   CustomScan-2.7.3.zip   
2.7.2   2009-10-22   CustomScan-2.7.2.zip   
Corrected AAC scanning
Corrected possible bug when using virtual combine tags with multiple tag values
Corrected possible bug when using title formats with remote tags
2.7.1   2009-10-17   CustomScan-2.7.1.zip   
Corrected so it works with large libraries in 7.4
2.7   2009-09-29   CustomScan-2.7.zip   
2.7pre3   2009-08-02   CustomScan-2.7pre3.zip   
2.7pre2   2009-07-18   CustomScan-2.7pre2.zip   
Corrected some Custom Browse menu templates that contained random functions
2.7pre1   2009-07-18   CustomScan-2.7pre1.zip   
Added support for SQLite version of Squeezebox Server 7.4
2.6   2009-03-20   CustomScan-2.6.zip   
Added support for numeric sorted tags in Dynamic Tags menu
Added support for completely disable scanning modules to avoid refresh operation if only import/export modules are used
Added support for virtual tags using regular expressions in Custom Tag scanning module (Tag mapping parameter)
Added support for selecting to sort by number instead alphabetically in some custom tag menus
Added support for showing duplicate text lines in album lists on Controller (for examples showing the artist for an album), requires Custom Browse 2.8 or later.
Added support for showing album arts in Dyanmic Tags menu, requires Custom Browse 2.8 or later
2.5   2009-01-27   CustomScan-2.5.zip   
Added support for SqueezeCenter 7.4
Corrected so internet meta data is shown correctly on Now Playing screen if Custom Scan title formats are used
Added support for Dynamic Playlist mixers in custom tag based menus
Corrected so alpha bar works in web interface in custom tag based menus
Added possibility to exclude some custom tags from the Mixed Tag scanning module (useful to avoid duplicates)
2.4   2009-01-07   CustomScan-2.4.zip   
Corrected "Mixed Tag" menu template so tag type parameters affect presentation on albums so "Disc 1" is shown at the end when relevant.
Improved performance of scanning module that don't use Custom Scan tables, for example all TrackStat Statistics modules.
Changed Rating Tag and Amazon scanning module so they change TrackStat ratings as type:scan instead of type:user. (To make sure they don't affect the rating playlists in TrackStat Playlist plugin)
Improved possibilities to abort scanning operations.
2.3.1   2008-12-31   CustomScan-2.3.1.zip   
Corrected so repeat option works in Random for mixed tag from selection playlist template works.
Corrected so all values are part of playlist name in SQL Playlist created through mixers
2.3   2008-12-31   CustomScan-2.3.zip   
Corrected so Amazon scanning module can write SqueezeCenter ratings
Added support for SQL Playlist mixer to create SQL Playlists from selections in Custom Browse Tags(Dynamic Tags) menu.
2.2   2008-11-18   CustomScan-2.2.zip   
Added timeout parameter to scanning modules to make it possible to avoid network timeouts
Improved errorhandling so LastFM/Amazon data that can't be retreived is retreived during the next scan
Added support for custom tags in AAC files
Added library template for Multi Library to make it possible to create a library based on a custom tag
Added support for not playing songs already played on a specific player through Dynamic Playlist plugin
Corrected some various bugs
Added official support for 7.3
2.1   2008-07-03   CustomScan-2.1.zip   
Updated so RatingTag scanning module works with latest SqueezeCenter 7.1 release.
Corrected so it works without TrackStat plugin.
Corrected some small bugs.
2.0.beta06   2008-04-15   CustomScan-2.0.beta06.zip   
Partly untested beta version for SqueezeCenter/SlimServer 7.0.
Will NOT work on SlimServer 6.5 and earlier.

Corrected menu templates so they work when using property values.
Corrected album sorting of multiple disc albums.
Corrected database upgrade issue related to "collate/charset"
Added support for SqueezeCenter 7.1

2.0.beta05   2007-11-12   CustomScan-2.0.beta05.zip   
Partly untested beta version for SqueezeCenter/SlimServer 7.0.
Will NOT work on SlimServer 6.5 and earlier.

Adjusted startup sequence to new plugin api.
Added settings validation
Removed dependency to Slim::Utils::Validator
2.0.beta04   2007-11-02   CustomScan-2.0.beta04.zip   
Corrected so tables aren't deleted during rescan in medium and large libraries

Partly untested beta version for SqueezeCenter/SlimServer 7.0.
Will NOT work on SlimServer 6.5 and earlier.
2.0.beta03   2007-11-01   CustomScan-2.0.beta03.zip   
Corrected plugin loading issue that could cause SqueezeNetwork and Jive firmware download at startup to fail.

Partly untested beta version for SqueezeCenter/SlimServer 7.0.
Will NOT work on SlimServer 6.5 and earlier.
2.0.beta02   2007-10-07   CustomScan-2.0.beta02.zip   
Added MixedTag scanning module

Partly untested beta version for SqueezeCenter/SlimServer 7.0.
Will NOT work on SlimServer 6.5 and earlier.
2.0.beta01   2007-10-05   CustomScan-2.0.beta01.zip   
Partly untested beta version for SqueezeCenter/SlimServer 7.0.
Will NOT work on SlimServer 6.5 and earlier.
1.24   2007-09-23   CustomScan-1.24.zip   
Added "Random for mixed tags" playlist template
Added "Random for similar mixed tags" playlist template
Added so number of entries for each attributes is shown in statistics query in Database Query plugin.
Added Custom Browse mixer for "LastFM Similar Artists" based on selected track
Added database index to improve performance on list boxes that display mixed tag attribute values
1.23.1   2007-09-05   CustomScan-1.23.1.zip   
Corrected problem where Custom Browse menus were cached incorrectly.
Corrected problem where default values of TrackStat based scanning modules were not set correctly.
1.23   2007-09-02   CustomScan-1.23.zip   
Added "Number of" column to data queries for usage with Database Query plugin.
Added possibility to change default sorting in Custom Tag Singles menu template
Added support to show artists and year together with albums in the "Matching Albums" menu contents in the Tags menu.
1.22   2007-08-18   CustomScan-1.22.zip   
Corrected error in Tags menu when a library has been specified
Added statistics and inconsistency check data queries for use with Database Query plugin
Changed max length of tag names to 40 character (solution to index creation problem on Synology Diskstation)
Added support for real names/values in breadcrumb navigation bar (Requires Custom Browse 1.25 or later)
Added support for having a "Matching <customtag>" entry in Tags menu besides the already existing "Matching Songs" and "Matching Albums"
Added support for showing the contents of "Matching xxx" in the Tags menu after a specific number of criteras has been selected. Matching albums is shown by default after the first selection has been made.
Added support for header/footer in all mixed tag based menus, for example menus based on the "Dynamic Tags" or "Mixed Tag" menu templates (Requires Custom Browse 1.25 or later)
Added support for specifying a item separator per header/footer item (Can be used to show one item on each line instead of comma separated which is default) (Requires Custom Browse 1.25 or later)
Corrected so Amazon scanning module works, the last release didn't scan Amazon data at all.
Added support for clickable LastFM tag header items if LastFM scanning modules has been used (Requires Custom Browse 1.25 or later)
1.21   2007-08-05   CustomScan-1.21.zip   
Corrected so change of friendly named in Mixed Tag module takes effect without a SlimServer restart
Added support for parameter validation in configuration pages
Changed interface for plugins that implement their own scanning modules
Corrected some different menu templates so disc number is shown with album title (Requires Custom Browse 1.24)
Updated single menus so the songs can be displayed with a custom title format (Requires Custom Browse 1.24)
Corrected so the values in sorting tags isn't case sensitive (Requires a rescan with Custom Tag module to take effect)
Added support for simultaneous scannings with different scanning modules that don't depend on each other
Added CLI interface to check status of scanning and initiate or abort a new scanning
Added support for changing the order in which scanning modules are executed
Corrected some small errors and adjusted some texts
1.20   2007-07-09   CustomScan-1.20.zip   
Added option to multiple custom tags menus so the custom tags on an upper level in the menu hierarchy is limited to the tracks that also have the custom tags specified for the lower levels in the menu hierarchy
Added an option to the LastFM scanning module to retrieve and store artist images from LastFM, these images can be used with the new "Artist image" header item in Custom Browse 1.23. By default no images are retrieved.
Added skip filters for Custom Skip plugin "Custom tag" and "Not Custom tag"
Made the "Random songs from similar artist" dynamic playlist available by default if the LastFM scanning module has been used.
Corrected "Mixed Tag" scanning module so it clear old data when scanning, in the previous release it added more data for each scanning. The result was poor performance after a few rescans.
Improved performance of "Clear" operations on "Custom Tag" and Mixed Tag" scanning modules
Made "Tags" (Dynamic Tag) menu available by default if the Mixed Tag scanning module has been used
Changed "LastFM Similar Artists" menu so hitting play on top level plays 20 songs from similar artists while browsing down into artists works as the normal browse menus and plays all songs for the selected artist/album.
Added "Browse tags by selected" mixer. It is available if the Mixed Tag scanning module has been used and is a "Dynamic Tag" menu that starts with the selected artist.
Added new menu template "Genres/Sub genres with custom tags"
Corrected some small problems
1.19   2007-06-05   CustomScan-1.19.zip   
Added template for adding MixedTag information to Now Playing menu
Corrected some errors in Dynamic Tag menu
Improved performance of Dynamic Tag menu a lot
Updated so CustomTag and MixedTag modules works with paths longer than 256 characters
Added Custom Artists Tags Songs menu (can be used for menu showing only covers based on ORIGARTIST tag)

The first SlimServer restart after upgrade will take a few minutes if you have used Custom Scan before
1.18   2007-05-26   CustomScan-1.18.zip   
Added new parameters regarding ratings in LastFM playlist
Corrected problem with non ascii characters in title formats
Added Mixed Tag scanning module, makes it possible to combine custom tags and slimserver tags in any menu level order (Requires Custom Browse 1.22)
Added LastFM tags/similar artist templates for inserting in Now Playing menu and Song Info web page
Added init/exit methods for scanning modules (internal changes, not visible to en user)
Added menu templates and templates for page headers for inserting Mixed Tag scanning module data (Requires Custom Browse 1.22)
Added Dynamic Tag menu which makes it possible to dynamically browse your tags in unlimited number of levels and order (a bit slow at the moment) (Requires Custom Browse 1.22)

You will need Multi Library 1.4 or later for all functionallity, if you use Multi Library plugin.
You will need Custom Browse 1.22 or later for all functionallity, if you use the Custom Browse pugin
1.17   2007-05-19   CustomScan-1.17.zip   
Removed empty Custom Scan menu from player interface
Added support to filter on contributor role in all relevant menu templates
Update Multiple Custom Tags menu templates so they support 5 levels instead of 4
Added support for limiting Multi Library track details to selected library
Added Custom Tag/Sub Custom Tags menu template: Same principles as Genres/Sub Genres menu
Added Custom Album Tags menu template: Album/<custom tag>/Songs
Added Custom Artist Album Tags menu template: Artist/Album/<custom tag>/Songs
Added header/footer context menus to place custom tags in Song Info and Now Playing.

You will need Multi Library 1.4 or later for all functionallity, if you use Multi Library plugin.
You will need Custom Browse 1.21 or later for all functionallity, if you use the Custom Browse pugin
1.16   2007-05-13   CustomScan-1.16.zip   
Updated some menus so multi disc albums are sorted by disc before track number
Added support for splitting COMMENT tags
Added LastFM image and link on artists pages in web interface (requires Custom Browse 1.20)
1.15   2007-01-21   CustomScan-1.15.zip   
Added support to most menus to show result for a selected library, so they can be used with Multi Library plugin.
Added support to most menus to limit the contents to the active library in the Multi Library plugin.
Added support to most menus to show/hide the menu based on the active library in the Multi Library plugin.

Note! Some of the new functionallity requires at least Custom Browse 1.18
1.14   2007-01-11   CustomScan-1.14.zip   
Improved performance on LastFM similar artists playlists, menus and mixes
Updated so only real artists are included in scanning of artists (LastFM for example)
Added support for filtering on sub string in comment tags in "Custom Tag Singles" menu

Note! The new LastFM similar artists stuff in this version requires at least SQLPlayList 1.16 and Custom Browse 1.16
1.13   2006-12-25   CustomScan-1.13.zip   
Added LastFM Similar Artists mixer on hold+play
Added support for storing tag percentage and artist percentage on LastFM data
Added Random for LastFM similar artists playlist type
1.12   2006-12-20   CustomScan-1.12.zip   
Corrected problem in Custom Multiple Tags Albums menu where bottom level didnt work correctly
Updated LastFM Similar Artists menus so it shows similarities in both ways
Added option to make it possible to only play selected tracks instead of playing all tracks on album/custom tag.
Updated Custom Tag Singles menu so custom tag can be used for album/single name
Added possibility to put menus into groups (Menu group parameter)
Added downloadidentifiers used in download functionallity in Custom Browse and SQLPlayList plugins
1.11   2006-12-13   CustomScan-1.11.zip   
Added possibility to abort scanning
Corrected critical problem which could deadlock the whole machine if you use the Custom Tag scanning module on a large library.
1.10   2006-11-28   CustomScan-1.10.zip   
Added sort tag mapping in Custom Tag scanning module, making it possible to specify a custom sort tag for each scanned tag.
Added better support for sorting in all Custom Tag related Custom Browse menu templates:
- New sort tag mapping is supported
- A level can be choosen to be sorted by existing artists ARTISTSORT tag
1.9   2006-11-28   CustomScan-1.9.zip   
Moved Custom Multiple Tags menu templates from Custom Browse to Custom Scan.
Added support for sorting tags in all Custom Tags menus
1.8   2006-11-27   CustomScan-1.8.zip   
Added Custom Browse menu template (Custom Artist Tag) for browsing by artist first and then a custom tag, as an example this is useful when browsing artists that also have an ORIGARTIST tag.
1.7   2006-11-26   CustomScan-1.7.zip   
Made web interface for setting parameters for scanning modules more user friendly, moved from server settings to the Custom Scan interface.
Corrected some errors related to empty custom tags and custom tags with non ascii characters in Custom Tags scanning module.
Added support for multiple rating tags in Rating Tags scanning module.
Added Custom Browse menu template (Custom Scan Info) for browsing Custom Scan data, usefull for debuggning and checking which data that has actually been scanned.
1.6   2006-11-25   CustomScan-1.6.zip   
Custom Scan now implements the LastFM, Amazon and Custom Tag menus available through the Custom Browse plugin. You will need this version of Custom Scan if you like to upgrade to Custom Browse 1.13 or later and use these menus.
1.5   2006-11-24   CustomScan-1.5.zip   
Added support for more MP3 tags in Custom Tag scanning module
Added so Amazon scanning module ignores long genres/subjects
1.4   2006-11-17   CustomScan-1.4.zip   
Added Rating Tag scanning module that makes it possible to:
- Import rating information to slimserver which is stored in the music files in the standard MP3 POPM tag used for example by MediaMonkey and also in Windows Media Player if it has been activated.
- Import rating information to slimserver which is stored in the music files in a custom RATING tag
1.3.1   2006-11-15   CustomScan-1.3.1.zip   
Corrected so tag names for Custom Tag module is case insensitive
Corrected so Custom Tag module doesn't require a clear to rescan
1.3   2006-11-15   CustomScan-1.3.zip   
Added Amazon scanning module that retreives genres and average customer ratings from amazon.com.
- You will need to apply for a free access key on amazon.com, see README.txt for more information.
Disabled Amazon and LastFM modules by default, can be run manually from web interface and can also be enabled to be included in automatic scans.
Made it possible to run disabled modules manually without enable them for automatic scans.
1.2.1   2006-11-11   CustomScan-1.2.1.zip   
Corrected names in title format settings.
Corrected so several title formats can be selected.
Now adds one title format to server settings for each selected title format in Custom Scan settings, the reason is to make it easier to copy the title format text.
1.2   2006-11-10   CustomScan-1.2.zip   
Corrected so multiple tag values separated with a separation character works with Custom Tag module
Added support for title formats making it possible to show custom tag values when shown tracks in SqueezeBox and web interface.
1.1.3   2006-11-03   CustomScan-1.1.3.zip   
Corrected so the scanned data works after a slimserver rescan even if music is not tagged with MusicBrainz tags
Its recommended that you use the "clear all" button in the Custom Scan page once after installing this release and then use the scan button again to retrieve correct data.
1.1.2   2006-11-01   CustomScan-1.1.2.zip   
Corrected Stopwatch problem again
1.1.1   2006-10-31   CustomScan-1.1.1.zip   
Corrected problem with StopWatch dependency
1.1   2006-10-29   CustomScan-1.1.zip   
Corrected error in LastFM module when no similar artists where found
Updated CustomTag module so it supports multiple entries of same tag, for example two PERFORMER tags.

Note! This plugin only works on slimserver 6.5 or later
1.0   2006-10-29   CustomScan-1.0.zip   
First official version

Note! This plugin only works on slimserver 6.5 or later