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SqueezeCenter CustomSkip

This plugin for slimserver makes it possible to define skip filters that skips specific tracks before they
are played. Best used together with Dynamic Playlist plugin, but skipping can also optionally be enabled in
the setting page for all other type of playlists.

Some examples about things that can be done:
- Skip tracks rated less than 2 (Requires TrackStat)
- Skip unrated tracks (Requires TrackStat)
- Skip tracks from a specific album
- Skip tracks which is part of a selected playlists
- Skip tracks that is part of the zapped playlist
- Skip tracks by a specific artist
- Skip tracks in a specific genre
- Skip short tracks
- Skip long tracks

For each skip item you can also define a precentage that indicate the chance that a matching track will be
skipped. This way to can define a filter that plays all rated tracks with for example SQLPlayList plugin and apply
a skip filter that skips 50% of the tracks rated less than 2. A skip filter can easily be modified by browsing to
an album, artist, genre and holding play down and selecting Custom Skip.

See my Wiki for information about Custom Skip and my other plugins.

See here for more information about the slimserver and SqueezeBox.

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The current wish list for new features and open bugs in CustomSkip can be found here

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2.5.83   2017-07-20   CustomSkip-2.5.83.zip   
2.4.3827   2012-08-06   CustomSkip-2.4.3827.zip   
2.4.3732   2011-12-06   CustomSkip-2.4.3732.zip   
2.4.3662   2011-11-06   CustomSkip-2.4.3662.zip   
2.4.3658   2011-11-02   CustomSkip-2.4.3658.zip   
2.4.3651   2011-11-01   CustomSkip-2.4.3651.zip   
2.4.3499   2011-09-26   CustomSkip-2.4.3499.zip   
2.3.6   2010-02-20   CustomSkip-2.3.6.zip   
2.3.5   2009-11-04   CustomSkip-2.3.5.zip   
2.3.4   2009-10-27   CustomSkip-2.3.4.zip   
Corrected playlist based skip filters
2.3.3   2009-07-19   CustomSkip-2.3.3.zip   
Removed deprecated message when used with SqueezeCenter 7.4
2.3.2   2009-01-27   CustomSkip-2.3.2.zip   
Added support for SqueezeCenter 7.4
2.3.1   2009-01-09   CustomSkip-2.3.1.zip   
Corrected so it works with filter values which contain non ascii values.
Corrected so valid time is shown as Forever when you have set it to Forever
2.3   2008-11-18   CustomSkip-2.3.zip   
Added official support for 7.3
2.2   2008-09-12   CustomSkip-2.2.zip   
Added support for Context Menu plugin
Corrected so setting pages follows the 7.1 and latest style
This version will NOT work on releases prior to 7.1.0.
If you want to use this version on 7.3, you will have to manually modify the maxVersion element in the install.xml file
2.1.1   2008-07-19   CustomSkip-2.1.1.zip   
Prepared for changes in 7.2
Corrected so skipping single songs works.
2.1   2008-07-03   CustomSkip-2.1.zip   
Updated so it works with 7.1
2.0.beta02   2007-11-12   CustomSkip-2.0.beta02.zip   
Partly untested beta version for SqueezeCenter/SlimServer 7.0.
Will NOT work on SlimServer 6.5 and earlier.

Added settings validation
2.0.beta01   2007-10-17   CustomSkip-2.0.beta01.zip   
Partly untested beta version for SqueezeCenter/SlimServer 7.0.
Will NOT work on SlimServer 6.5 and earlier.
1.4   2007-07-09   CustomSkip-1.4.zip   
Corrected problem where Dynamic Playlist was required to use Custom Skip plugin.
Added skipping filters "Lossy" and "Lossless"
1.3.2   2007-07-03   CustomSkip-1.3.2.zip   
Removed non working mixer on Various Artist item
Removed non working mixer icons from web interface
Corrected Playlist and Not Playlist skipping filter that didn't work
1.3.1   2007-05-07   CustomSkip-1.3.1.zip   
Corrected problem which caused Dynamic Playlists to fail when a filter set with no filter items exist
1.3   2007-02-03   CustomSkip-1.3.zip   
Added support for having a secondary filter active (used by SQL Playlist plugin to activate different filters for different playlists)
Added support for specifying if a skipped track shall be permanently skipped for a playlist or if it should be retried a bit later

Note! The retry later logic requires Dynamic Playlist 1.12 or later to work
1.2.1   2007-01-29   CustomSkip-1.2.1.zip   
Corrected problem with & characters in filter values

This release has only been tested towards slimserver 6.5.
1.2   2007-01-21   CustomSkip-1.2.zip   
Added cli command for changing filter (Used by Multi Library plugin)

This release has only been tested towards slimserver 6.5.
1.1.1   2007-01-16   CustomSkip-1.1.1.zip   
Corrected so filters are initialized correctly at startup.
Adjusted names on Max/Min Year filter types.

This release has only been tested towards slimserver 6.5.
1.1   2007-01-13   CustomSkip-1.1.zip   
Corrected so filter names can contain & character
Updated so it automatically appends .cs.xml to filename
Updated so it automatically creates a default filter set when plugin is installed
Changed names for "Filter" to "Filter Set"
Added support for temporary filter making it possible to define how long a filter shall be valid. For example skipping a certain artist the next 24 hours.
Corrected so Genre filter types works
Added support for holding play in Custom Browse menus
Added new filter types:
- Song (Skips the currently selected song)
- Min Year (Skips songs newer than the specified year)
- Max Year (Skips songs older than the specified year)

This release has only been tested towards slimserver 6.5.
1.0   2007-01-07   CustomSkip-1.0.zip   
First official version, if used together with Dynamic Playlist plugin you will need at least version 1.11 of the Dynamic Playlist plugin.

This release has only been tested towards slimserver 6.5.