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SqueezeCenter DatabaseQuery

This plugin for slimserver makes it possible to retrieve information from the SlimServer database and display the result in the web browser or export it as XML or CSV.

See my Wiki for information about Database Query and my other plugins.

See here for more information about the slimserver and SqueezeBox.

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2.4.3923   2014-05-01   DatabaseQuery-2.4.3923.zip   
2.4.3920   2014-04-19   DatabaseQuery-2.4.3920.zip   
2.3.3816   2012-05-18   DatabaseQuery-2.3.3816.zip   
2.3.3733   2011-12-06   DatabaseQuery-2.3.3733.zip   
2.3.3669   2011-11-06   DatabaseQuery-2.3.3669.zip   
2.3.3579   2011-10-25   DatabaseQuery-2.3.3579.zip   
2.3.3408   2011-08-10   DatabaseQuery-2.3.3408.zip   
2.3.3392   2011-08-02   DatabaseQuery-2.3.3392.zip   
2.3.3374   2011-07-13   DatabaseQuery-2.3.3374.zip   
2.3.3272   2010-09-21   DatabaseQuery-2.3.3272.zip   
2.2   2009-09-29   DatabaseQuery-2.2.zip   
2.2pre2   2009-08-02   DatabaseQuery-2.2pre2.zip   
2.2pre1   2009-07-18   DatabaseQuery-2.2pre1.zip   
Added support for SQLite version of Squeezebox Server 7.4
2.1.2   2009-01-27   DatabaseQuery-2.1.2.zip   
Added support for SqueezeCenter 7.4
Corrected some small bugs
2.1.1   2008-11-18   DatabaseQuery-2.1.1.zip   
Corrected some various bugs
Added official support for 7.3
2.1   2008-07-03   DatabaseQuery-2.1.zip   
Updated so it supports latest 7.1 release

2.0.beta02   2007-11-12   DatabaseQuery-2.0.beta02.zip   
Partly untested beta version for SqueezeCenter/SlimServer 7.0.
Will NOT work on SlimServer 6.5 and earlier.

Added settings validation
2.0.beta01   2007-10-09   DatabaseQuery-2.0.beta01.zip   
Partly untested beta version for SqueezeCenter/SlimServer 7.0.
Will NOT work on SlimServer 6.5 and earlier.
1.1.1   2007-09-09   DatabaseQuery-1.1.1.zip   
Corrected so apostrope characters can be used in free form query
Corrected so number of remote songs is displayed correctly in SlimServer Statistics query
1.1   2007-08-26   DatabaseQuery-1.1.zip   
Corrected Composer/Conductor roles which were switch in Artists query
Added "Number of" column to all "Inconsistency/Problems" queries
Added possibility to show years and artists
Added support for clickable queries, as an example this makes it possible to click an a problem in the "Inconsistency/Problems" query and see exactly which tracks/artists the problem is related to.
Added "Structured XML" export module which allows you to export a hierarchical XML document. For example a XML document that list all artists and for each artist lists its albums and for each album its tracks.
Added "Free form query" which makes it simple to write a custom query using a SQL statement of your choice
Added Edit link on top of result page to make it easy to adjust query after you have viewed the result.
Added Execute button in bottom of page when editing the attributes of a query, very usable in the new "Free form query".

1.0   2007-08-15   DatabaseQuery-1.0.zip   
Initial release