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SqueezeCenter Daylight Clock

This is a screensaver for Squeezebox Controller/Touch/Radio devices that shows a clock with a daylight map of the earth in the background. It's possible to configure what kind of date/time information you like to show and you can select background among a number of different perspectives.

All earth and moon images are downloaded at runtime from www.die.net/earth

See my Wiki for information about Daylight Clock and my other applets and plugins.

See here for more information about the slimserver and SqueezeBox.

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1.1.3802   2012-04-01   DaylightClock-1.1.3802.zip   
1.1.3800   2012-03-28   DaylightClock-1.1.3800.zip   
1.1.3308   2010-12-23   DaylightClock-1.1.3308.zip   
1.1.3181   2010-05-21   DaylightClock-1.1.3181.zip   
1.0.2   2009-10-30   DaylightClock-1.0.2.zip   
1.0.1   2009-09-22   DaylightClock-1.0.1.zip   
Changed to LGPL licensing
1.0   2009-09-20   DaylightClock-1.0.zip   
Initial version