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SqueezeCenter MultiLibrary

This plugin for slimserver makes it possible to define sub libraries of your main library. The sub libraries can be browsed using the Custom Browse plugin. This can be useful if each family member want to be able to browse his/her music without also seeing the other music.

See my Wiki for information about Multi Library and my other plugins.

See here for more information about the slimserver and SqueezeBox.

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2.8.168   2017-07-20   MultiLibrary-2.8.168.zip   
2.7.3947   2014-09-09   MultiLibrary-2.7.3947.zip   
2.7.3897   2014-01-28   MultiLibrary-2.7.3897.zip   
2.7.3880   2013-08-01   MultiLibrary-2.7.3880.zip   
2.7.3877   2013-06-25   MultiLibrary-2.7.3877.zip   
2.7.3821   2012-06-01   MultiLibrary-2.7.3821.zip   
2.6.3738   2011-12-06   MultiLibrary-2.6.3738.zip   
2.6.3677   2011-11-06   MultiLibrary-2.6.3677.zip   
2.6.3575   2011-10-25   MultiLibrary-2.6.3575.zip   
2.6.3507   2011-09-30   MultiLibrary-2.6.3507.zip   
2.6.3437   2011-09-03   MultiLibrary-2.6.3437.zip   
2.5.3397   2011-08-06   MultiLibrary-2.5.3397.zip   
2.5.3369   2011-07-11   MultiLibrary-2.5.3369.zip   
2.5.3278   2010-09-28   MultiLibrary-2.5.3278.zip   
2.4   2009-09-29   MultiLibrary-2.4.zip   
2.4pre2   2009-08-02   MultiLibrary-2.4pre2.zip   
2.4pre1   2009-07-18   MultiLibrary-2.4pre1.zip   
Added support for SQLite version of Squeezebox Server 7.4
2.3.1   2009-01-27   MultiLibrary-2.3.1.zip   
Added support for SqueezeCenter 7.4
Corrected so internet meta data is shown correctly on Now Playing screen if MULTILIBRARIES title format is used
Corrected some small bugs
2.3   2008-11-18   MultiLibrary-2.3.zip   
Corrected problem with synchronized players in 7.3
Added support for limiting a library to a saved playlist
Added support for title format for usage with MusicInfoSCR plugin (ACTIVEMULTILIBRARY,MULTILIBRARIES)
Corrected some small bugs
Added official support for 7.3
2.2   2008-09-12   MultiLibrary-2.2.zip   
Corrected so it doesn't steal the display when an alarm is triggered and the "Ask for library at startup" option is enabled
Corrected so setting pages follows the 7.1 and latest style
This version will NOT work on releases prior to 7.1.0.
If you want to use this version on 7.3, you will have to manually modify the maxVersion element in the install.xml file
2.1.1   2008-08-03   MultiLibrary-2.1.1.zip   
Corrected so it asks for library at startup if the "Ask for library" option is enabled
2.1   2008-07-03   MultiLibrary-2.1.zip   
Non beta release, same as 2.0.beta04
2.0.beta04   2008-04-15   MultiLibrary-2.0.beta04.zip   
Partly untested beta version for SqueezeCenter/SlimServer 7.0.
Will NOT work on SlimServer 6.5 and earlier.

Added support for download/publish functionality.
Added support for SqueezeCenter 7.1
2.0.beta03   2008-03-16   MultiLibrary-2.0.beta03.zip   
Partly untested beta version for SqueezeCenter/SlimServer 7.0.
Will NOT work on SlimServer 6.5 and earlier.

Moved web interface from settings pages to Extras menu
Corrected so web interface works in default skin
2.0.beta02   2007-11-12   MultiLibrary-2.0.beta02.zip   
Partly untested beta version for SqueezeCenter/SlimServer 7.0.
Will NOT work on SlimServer 6.5 and earlier.

Added settings validation
2.0.beta01   2007-10-08   MultiLibrary-2.0.beta01.zip   
Partly untested beta version for SqueezeCenter/SlimServer 7.0.
Will NOT work on SlimServer 6.5 and earlier.

Requires Custom Browse 2.0.beta03 or later
1.6   2007-09-23   MultiLibrary-1.6.zip   
Implemented caching in configuration interface so latest libraries doesn't have to be downloaded after installation of new release.
Updated so empty listboxes isn't shown in configuration interface.
Added so number of songs in each library is shown in web interface
Improved performance of configuration lists in libraries that contains long list boxes.
1.5.4   2007-08-12   MultiLibrary-1.5.4.zip   
Corrected problem with apostrophe character in library name
1.5.3   2007-08-12   MultiLibrary-1.5.3.zip   
Corrected problem with quotation and backslash charachters in parameter values
1.5.2   2007-08-05   MultiLibrary-1.5.2.zip   
Corrected so default values are displayed correctly in configuration dialogs
Corrected various problems with non ascii characters
Corrected "Standard library" template so excluded artists criteria works
Corrected so line feeds aren't duplicated when saving a customized library on Windows
Corrected so it is possible to define a library with no menus
1.5.1   2007-06-02   MultiLibrary-1.5.1.zip   
Corrected so directory parameters can contain ' character
Corrected some problems with non ascii characters
Added option for changing file system encoding for directory parameters
Corrected problem where internal menus where enabled each time a library was edited
1.5   2007-05-26   MultiLibrary-1.5.zip   
Added support for only including lossy tracks
Added support for excluding directories
Added new library type "Dependent Library" that makes it possible to build libraries based on other libraries
1.4.1   2007-05-20   MultiLibrary-1.4.1.zip   
Corrected so large configurations can be saved, caused a browser error in previous releases.
1.4   2007-05-19   MultiLibrary-1.4.zip   
Added support for track details player menus that are limited to selected library.
Corrected som errors related to usage of non ascci characters in various places.
Added support download/publish over proxy
Added include/exclude artist posibility in library template
1.3.2   2007-05-15   MultiLibrary-1.3.2.zip   
Corrected an error when directory parameters contains non ascii characters and you choose to customize the library configuration.
1.3.1   2007-05-14   MultiLibrary-1.3.1.zip   
Corrected so path parameters in library configuration works
Corrected some errors related to non ascii characters
1.3   2007-05-13   MultiLibrary-1.3.zip   
Added support for creating library based on file type
Huge internal changes of administration interface, may contain bugs.
1.2   2007-01-21   MultiLibrary-1.2.zip   
Added support for putting the library menus directly in the top menu besides inside the Custom Browse menu.
Added support for selecting which builtin menus that shall be created for each library.
Added support for using existing Custom Browse menus in the libraries.
Corrected problems with ' character in library name
Added support for connecting CLI command actions when activating a library.
Added support for configuring a default skip filter for Custom Skip that is activated when the library is activated.
Added two new skipping filter types for Custom Skip, "Library" and "Not Library"
Added possibility to prompt user for library when power on SqueezeBox/Transporter (disabled by default, can be enabled in the settings page)

Note! For the Custom Skip integration at least Custom Skip 1.2 is required.
Note! At least Custom Browse 1.18 is required for some of the new functionallity.

This release has only been tested towards slimserver 6.5.
1.1   2007-01-18   MultiLibrary-1.1.zip   
Automatically refresh Custom Browse menu when changing a library definition
Added a "menu group" parameter making it possible to put the library menus in a group, for example "Libraries/XXX Music" instead of "XXX Music"
Corrected bug in include/exclude player parameters that were lost if you edit a library menu in Custom Browse
Corrected so non ascii characters works in Directory parameters
Automatically assign a free filename when creating a new library
Added check to make sure filename doesn't contain any unsupported characters

This release has only been tested towards slimserver 6.5.
1.0   2007-01-16   MultiLibrary-1.0.zip   
First official version, you will need at least Custom Browse 1.17 to be able to browse your sub library.

This release has only been tested towards slimserver 6.5.