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SqueezeCenter MythTV

This plugin for SqueezeCenter which enhances the Information Screen plugin with support for showing recording status of currently or pending recordings from a MythTV media center solution.

Please note that you will need both the Information Screen plugin installed in Squeezebox Server and the Information Screen applet installed on the Squeezebox Touch, Radio or Controller.

You will need the ~/.mythtv/mysql.txt and ~/.mythtv/config.xml files from your MythTV server if you run Squeezebox Server on a separate machine or as a separate user.

See my Wiki for information about MythTV and my other plugins.

See here for more information about the slimserver and SqueezeBox.

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0.2.3184   2010-05-21   MythTV-0.2.3184.zip   
0.1.2921   2010-02-17   MythTV-0.1.2921.zip   
0.1.2604   2009-07-29   MythTV-0.1.2604.zip   
Initial public release, this is still a BETA version