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SqueezeCenter Playlist Generator

This plugin for SqueezeCenter makes it possible to generate static playlists based on dynamic data in the SqueezeCenter database, such as ratings and played tracks. This is useful when you like to have a static playlist as a .m3u file for example because you like to export it to some external tool. If you have Custom Scan installed it will be possible to automatically re-generate all playlists when a rescan is performed in SqueezeCenter.

See my Wiki for information about Playlist Generator and my other plugins.

See here for more information about the slimserver and SqueezeBox.

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1.2.3739   2011-12-06   PlaylistGenerator-1.2.3739.zip   
1.2.3581   2011-10-25   PlaylistGenerator-1.2.3581.zip   
1.1   2009-09-29   PlaylistGenerator-1.1.zip   
1.1pre2   2009-08-02   PlaylistGenerator-1.1pre2.zip   
1.1pre1   2009-07-18   PlaylistGenerator-1.1pre1.zip   
Added support for SQLite version of Squeezebox Server 7.4
1.0.1   2009-01-27   PlaylistGenerator-1.0.1.zip   
Added support for SqueezeCenter 7.4
1.0   2009-01-11   PlaylistGenerator-1.0.zip   
Initial release