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SqueezeCenter Song Info

This plugin for SqueezeCenter which enhances Squeezebox Server with support for showing extra information about the a specific song.

It includes a module that retrieves information from LastFM.com, for example artist images, tags and similar artists. The plugin doesn't do much by itself, it just enhances the server with some more CLI/JSON commands. Other applets are required show the information provided, for example the Album Flow applet makes it possible to show the images provided by the Song Info plugin. You can use this for example to get a screen saver on Squeezebox Touch, Radio or Controller that shows a slideshow with artist images of your whole library.

See my Wiki for information about Song Info and my other plugins.

See here for more information about the slimserver and SqueezeBox.

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The current wish list for new features and open bugs in Song Info can be found here

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1.1.3883   2013-10-23   SongInfo-1.1.3883.zip   
1.1.3422   2011-08-18   SongInfo-1.1.3422.zip   
1.0.2999   2010-04-19   SongInfo-1.0.2999.zip    SongInfo-1.0.2999_fixed.zip   
0.3.2999   2010-04-10   SongInfo-0.3.2999.zip   
0.2.2986   2010-04-06   SongInfo-0.2.2986.zip   
0.2.2979   2010-04-05   SongInfo-0.2.2979.zip   
0.1.2966   2010-03-31   SongInfo-0.1.2966.zip