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SqueezeCenter Song Lyrics

This plugin for SqueezeCenter which enhances Squeezebox Server with support for showing song lyrics from lyricsfly.com for a specific song.

The plugin implements a information provider module for the Song Info plugin, due to this it's required that you also install the Song Info plugin.
The lyrics is shown by selecting the "Song Lyrics" item when displaying detail about the selected song

All lyrics are provided by lyricsfly.com, so support their service if you like this plugin.

See my Wiki for information about Song Lyrics and my other plugins.

See here for more information about the slimserver and SqueezeBox.

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The current wish list for new features and open bugs in Song Lyrics can be found here

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1.1.3856   2013-02-26   SongLyrics-1.1.3856.zip   
1.1.3445   2011-09-16   SongLyrics-1.1.3445.zip   
1.1.3329   2011-04-17   SongLyrics-1.1.3329.zip   
1.1.3326   2011-03-02   SongLyrics-1.1.3326.zip   
1.1.3297   2010-10-31   SongLyrics-1.1.3297.zip   
1.0.2997   2010-04-19   SongLyrics-1.0.2997.zip    SongLyrics-1.0.2997_fixed.zip   
0.2.2997   2010-04-10   SongLyrics-0.2.2997.zip   
0.1.2993   2010-04-09   SongLyrics-0.1.2993.zip   
0.1.2991   2010-04-08   SongLyrics-0.1.2991.zip   
0.1.2983   2010-04-06   SongLyrics-0.1.2983.zip