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SqueezeCenter TrackStat

This plugin for slimserver makes it possible to rate your songs and also handles statistic data about
play counts and last played time. The ratings and statistic data is stored in a separate database table
which will not be cleared during a complete rescan of the music library. Ratings and statistic data can also
be imported from an iTunes Music Library xml-file. You can make backup/restore of your ratings and statistic data
to a separate xml file to make it easier to backup the information to other storages. To be able to view the ratings
when listening to music it is recomended to install the latest MusicInfoSCR plugin, you will need 2.20 or later version.

If the DynamicPlayList plugin is installed the statistics will also be available as dynamic playlists.

See my Wiki for information about TrackStat and my other plugins.

See here for more information about the slimserver and SqueezeBox.

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Note that full functionality is only available after purchasing a license

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The current wish list for new features and open bugs in TrackStat can be found here

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3.3.602   2017-07-20   TrackStat-3.3.602.zip   
3.2.3951   2015-01-13   TrackStat-3.2.3951.zip   
3.2.3945   2014-09-09   TrackStat-3.2.3945.zip   
3.2.3941   2014-07-05   TrackStat-3.2.3941.zip   
3.2.3926   2014-05-11   TrackStat-3.2.3926.zip   
3.2.3914   2014-03-29   TrackStat-3.2.3914.zip   
3.1.3906   2014-03-13   TrackStat-3.1.3906.zip   
3.1.3869   2013-06-17   TrackStat-3.1.3869.zip   
3.1.3864   2013-04-30   TrackStat-3.1.3864.zip   
3.1.3837   2012-09-21   TrackStat-3.1.3837.zip   
3.1.3829   2012-08-06   TrackStat-3.1.3829.zip   
3.1.3814   2012-05-18   TrackStat-3.1.3814.zip   
3.0.3786   2012-01-27   TrackStat-3.0.3786.zip   
3.0.3772   2012-01-01   TrackStat-3.0.3772.zip   
2.11.3760   2011-12-21   TrackStat-2.11.3760.zip   
2.11.3726   2011-12-06   TrackStat-2.11.3726.zip   
2.11.3643   2011-11-01   TrackStat-2.11.3643.zip   
2.11.3598   2011-10-27   TrackStat-2.11.3598.zip   
2.11.3591   2011-10-26   TrackStat-2.11.3591.zip   
2.11.3525   2011-10-02   TrackStat-2.11.3525.zip   
2.11.3435   2011-09-03   TrackStat-2.11.3435.zip   
2.10.3421   2011-08-18   TrackStat-2.10.3421.zip   
2.10.3403   2011-08-07   TrackStat-2.10.3403.zip   
2.10.3366   2011-07-11   TrackStat-2.10.3366.zip   
2.10.3031   2010-04-19   TrackStat-2.10.3031.zip   
2.10   2009-10-29   TrackStat-2.10.zip   
2.9.1   2009-10-06   TrackStat-2.9.1.zip   
Corrected startup and rescan performance issue
2.9   2009-09-29   TrackStat-2.9.zip   
2.9pre5   2009-08-02   TrackStat-2.9pre5.zip   
2.9pre4   2009-07-18   TrackStat-2.9pre4.zip   
Correction of a Custom Browse menu template
2.9pre3   2009-07-18   TrackStat-2.9pre3.zip   
Optimized startup sequence with SQLite
Corrected Dynamic Playlist integration so they can be launched from TrackStat pages
Corrected database indices
2.9pre2   2009-07-13   TrackStat-2.9pre2.zip   
Added support for SQLite based SQLPlayList templates
2.9pre1   2009-07-10   TrackStat-2.9pre1.zip   
Added support for SQLite version of Squeezebox Server 7.4
Added support for OSX in TrackStatiTunesUpdate.pl script
2.8   2009-01-27   TrackStat-2.8.zip   
Added support for SqueezeCenter 7.4
Corrected so internet meta data is shown correctly on Now Playing screen if one of the TRACKSTAT title formats is used
Added possibility to request parameters from top rated albums and most played album playlist templates for SQL Playlist
Added predefiend SQL Playlist playlists for playing top rated or most played albums in a genre, artist or year
Improved logic releated to finding moved tracks on multi disk albums when a TrackStat backup is restored
2.7   2009-01-07   TrackStat-2.7.zip   
Improved performance of full import/export from Amarok, iTunes and MusicIP
Added restore module which can be called from Custom Scan which makes it possible to abort a restore and see when it's finished in the web interface.
Optimized restore and backup operation so they cause less playback disturbances.
Added new "type" parameter to rating CLI/JSON commands

2.6   2008-12-31   TrackStat-2.6.zip   
Added playlist templates for use with SQL Playlist:
- TrackStat last added songs
- TrackStat last played songs
- TrackStat last added albums

2.5.1   2008-12-17   TrackStat-2.5.1.zip   
Corrected so MusicIP integration works correctly.
Corrected so Not Completely Rated statistics works correctly.
2.5   2008-11-18   TrackStat-2.5.zip   
Corrected so MusicIP integration works correctly with 7.3
Updated so iTunes import uses album ratings from iTunes if no track rating exists in iTunes
Added support for reconnecting statistics on moved music files as long as the end of the path is the same as before (Thanks to Philip Meyer for patch)
Added support for showing artists with albums in all interfaces if enabled in SqueezeCenter settings
Improved handling of synchronized players in dynamic playlists (Only avoid repeating tracks played on the same player)
Corrected so dynamic playlists based on artists, genres, years and playlists are more random.
Corrected some various bugs
Added official support for 7.3
2.4   2008-09-12   TrackStat-2.4.zip   
Added support for Context Menu plugin:
- "Statistics by selected": Browses statistics on the selected item
- "Rating": Changes rating on the selected album or track (Useful on Boom remote with no number buttons)
Corrected so menus can be navigated using the Boom knob
Corrected so setting pages follows the 7.1 and latest style
This version will NOT work on releases prior to 7.1.0.
If you want to use this version on 7.3, you will have to manually modify the maxVersion element in the install.xml file
2.3   2008-08-29   TrackStat-2.3.zip   
Added support for TrackStat browsing and dynamic playlists on Controller
Added support for mixers in TrackStat menus on Controller
Added support for playing dynamic playlists from TrackStat menus on Controller (Requires Dynamic Playlist 2.3 or later)
2.2.1   2008-08-03   TrackStat-2.2.1.zip   
Corrected bug in 7.1 when restoring from backup
2.2   2008-07-19   TrackStat-2.2.zip   
Changed colors or stars in Default skin to make them visible.
Added artist and album information about currently played track in TrackStat web interface.
Added back links in statistics choice drop list.
Changed Classic/Fishbone skin to new list box based selection when browsing statistics.
Corrected so mixer icons works correctly in Fishbone/Default skin in album headers.
Added link to current playlist in TrackStat web interface.
Added support for changing ragings directly in album header and song info page if used together with Custom Browse and one of the *CB skins. (Requires Custom Browse 2.2 or later)
Added some prepration for changes in 7.2.
Added support for changing rating in Controller interface (Requires SqueezeCenter 7.1)
2.1   2008-07-03   TrackStat-2.1.zip   
Added dynamic playlist mixers on artists, albums, years and genres when used together with SQLPlayList plugin.
Updated so it works with latest 7.1 changes.
Added full support for new Default skin.
Corrected some small bugs.
2.0.beta09   2008-04-22   TrackStat-2.0.beta09.zip   
Partly untested beta version for SqueezeCenter/SlimServer 7.0.
Will NOT work on SlimServer 6.5 and earlier.

Corrected some Custom Browse menus templates so they work with SC7
Corrected so iTunes statistics are written correctly to history file when tracks are played
Corrected so TrackStat pages is aware of ajaxUpdate flag to make them work better from iPeng skin
Added new TrackStat page accesible from Now Playing page in iPeng skin
Updated so it works with SqueezeCenter 7.1 and later

2.0.beta08   2008-03-16   TrackStat-2.0.beta08.zip   
Partly untested beta version for SqueezeCenter/SlimServer 7.0.
Will NOT work on SlimServer 6.5 and earlier.

Corrected some bugs
Added "play all" buttons for statistics in iPeng skin
Added "play dynamic playlist" button for statistics in iPeng skin
Changed so album cover results in play in iPeng skin
Corrected so player interface rating works with iTunes Update plugin installed
Added TrackStatiTunesUpdateWin.pl which was missed in earlier 7.0 releases.

2.0.beta07   2008-02-20   TrackStat-2.0.beta07.zip   
Partly untested beta version for SqueezeCenter/SlimServer 7.0.
Will NOT work on SlimServer 6.5 and earlier.

Repackaged so it works without manually removing directories.
2.0.beta06   2008-02-20   TrackStat-2.0.beta06.zip   
Partly untested beta version for SqueezeCenter/SlimServer 7.0.
Will NOT work on SlimServer 6.5 and earlier.

Corrected so TrackStat mixers works in Custom Browse menus.
Updated mix icon for default skin.
Corrected problem in settings where checkboxes was cleared after save.
Corrected iPeng skin so statistics can be browsed even if nothing is playing.
Moved TrackStat menu from Extras to Music Library
Added plugin icon.
2.0.beta05   2008-01-05   TrackStat-2.0.beta05.zip   
Partly untested beta version for SqueezeCenter/SlimServer 7.0.
Will NOT work on SlimServer 6.5 and earlier.

Added support for iPeng skin
Temporary removed web statistic browsing support for Default skin (Use classic, fishbone or iPeng if you like to browse statistics using web interface)
2.0.beta04   2007-12-18   TrackStat-2.0.beta04.zip   
Partly untested beta version for SqueezeCenter/SlimServer 7.0.
Will NOT work on SlimServer 6.5 and earlier.

Corrected so song titles isn't overlayed over rating stars
Corrected bug in automatic increase/decrease of ratings settings
Corrected so flatlist option in settings page isn't reversed
Updated so it works with latest Custom Browse 2.0.beta08
Removed old MusicInfoSCR support and added some title formats for star based ratings
2.0.beta03   2007-11-15   TrackStat-2.0.beta03.zip   
Partly untested beta version for SqueezeCenter/SlimServer 7.0.
Will NOT work on SlimServer 6.5 and earlier.

Corrected so backup/restore options work in default skin
2.0.beta02   2007-11-12   TrackStat-2.0.beta02.zip   
Partly untested beta version for SqueezeCenter/SlimServer 7.0.
Will NOT work on SlimServer 6.5 and earlier.

Added settings validation
Corrected so it works without error message if Custom Scan isn't installed
Corrected layout of Custom Browse mixer icons
Removed Slim::Utils::validator dependency
Corrected iTunes export pl script so it works correctly in full export
2.0.beta01   2007-10-16   TrackStat-2.0.beta01.zip   
Partly untested beta version for SqueezeCenter/SlimServer 7.0.
Will NOT work on SlimServer 6.5 and earlier.

New default skin doesn't work correctly yet
1.40.1   2007-09-05   TrackStat-1.40.1.zip   
Corrected problem where Custom Browse menu templates were cached incorrectly
1.40   2007-09-02   TrackStat-1.40.zip   
Added Amarok import/export module to import/export statistic data to Amarok (Only Amarok running with MySQL database is supported)
Added ratings to album and artist page header if Custom Browse is used
Added smart logic for automatic ratings that take previous rating into account (Contributed by Richard Taylor)
Added data queries for "TrackStat Statisics" and "TrackStat inconsistency/problems" for usage with Database Query plugin
Added option for changing max url lengths to 255 characters (default is 511)
Added support for limiting iTunes and MusicIP import/exports to selected libraries defined in MultiLibrary plugin.
Turned off debugging messages in TrackStatiTunesUpdate perl script
Moved iTunes/MusicIP import/export settings and controls to Custom Scan interface. (Requires Custom Scan 1.23 or later)

Starting with this release the Custom Scan plugin of version 1.23 or later is required if you like to use the iTunes, MusicIP or Amarok import/export functions.
1.39   2007-07-09   TrackStat-1.39.zip   
Removed mixer from "Various Artist" object
Added longer time options in "Recently played" skip filters for Custom Skip
Corrected Custom Skip filter for "Not Rated" so it works
Updated so extension in iTunes/MusicMagic imports only are replaced if a file with the original extension doesn't exist
Added option for changing value of default rating for non rated tracks when automatic rating is enabled
Added support for 511 character url (Earlier 255 characters was the limit)
Added option to ignore recently played songs in SQLPlayList templates.
1.38.2   2007-06-07   TrackStat-1.38.2.zip   
Corrected problem where MusicIP exports wasn't shown directly in MusicIP client application.
1.38.1   2007-06-06   TrackStat-1.38.1.zip   
Corrected problem where empty "Music Folder" in Server Settings caused iTunes and Music Magic export not to work, the iTunes Import directory configured in TrackStat settings is now used if Music Folder is empty.
1.38   2007-05-19   TrackStat-1.38.zip   
Added support for limiting track details menus to selected library in Multi Library menus
Moved Statistics menu from Custom Browse to TrackStat
1.37.1   2007-05-15   TrackStat-1.37.1.zip   
Corrected error when downloading TrackStat menus for Custom Browse
1.37   2007-05-13   TrackStat-1.37.zip   
Added support for showing TrackStat ratings in Now Playing and Song Info pages, requires Custom Browse 1.20
1.36.1   2007-02-05   TrackStat-1.36.1.zip   
Corrected problem in restore from backup where unrated and also unplayed track wasn't restored from backup
1.36   2007-02-03   TrackStat-1.36.zip   
Added skip filter types for use with Custom Skip plugin:
- Recently played songs
- Recently played albums
- Recently played artists
Added support in all SQL Playlist templates to limit result to active or selected library in Multi Library plugin
Added support in all SQL Playlist templates to connect playlists to a Custom Skip filter

Note! If you are using SQL Playlist, this version requires SQL Playlist 1.17 or later.
Note! If you are using Custom Skip, you will need version 1.3 or later for the Custom Skip filter parameter to work
1.35   2007-01-07   TrackStat-1.35.zip   
Added support for skip filters through Custom Skip plugin:
- Rated (Skip tracks with a low rating)
- Not rated (Skip unrated tracks)

This version requires SlimServer 6.5 or later (6.2 and 6.3 won't even start)
1.34   2006-12-25   TrackStat-1.34.zip   
Made it possible to view track details in TrackStat menu (or Statistics menu through Custom Browse).
Moved mixer definitions from Custom Browse to TrackStat (Requires Custom Browse 1.15)

This version requires SlimServer 6.5 or later (6.2 and 6.3 won't even start)
1.33.1   2006-12-20   TrackStat-1.33.1.zip   
Added download identifiers to playlist templates for usage with download functions in SQLPlayList 1.15

This version requires SlimServer 6.5 or later (6.2 and 6.3 won't even start)
1.33   2006-11-25   TrackStat-1.33.zip   
Added support for putting statistics in a favourite folder to make it easier to access mostly used statistics.

This version requires SlimServer 6.5 or later (6.2 and 6.3 won't even start)
1.32   2006-11-23   TrackStat-1.32.zip   
Corrected so rating works with several synchronized players
Removed composers and conductors from artist statistics
Updated so TrackStat web interface doesnt loose context when page is refreshed
Changed so "All songs" statistics is order by disc and then track number
Corrected error regarding unrated tracks which sometimes caused album/artist statistics to be decreased to much
Updated so the currently selected song is rated in "Now Playing" SqueezeBox menu instead of currently playing song
Added support for removing ratings for a album/track in web interface
Corrected some overlapping track titles in default skin in web interface
Corrected errors in iTunes import when iTunes path contains ()
Added support for about 10 TrackStat playlists for SQLPlayList 1.13

This version requires SlimServer 6.5 or later (6.2 and 6.3 won't even start)
1.31   2006-11-18   TrackStat-1.31.zip   
Added support for Custom Browse to connect a menu directly to a statistic group

This version requires SlimServer 6.5 or later (6.2 and 6.3 won't even start)
1.30.3   2006-10-28   TrackStat-1.30.3.zip   
Corrected some of the dynamic playlists for album/artist which didn't return the correct number of tracks.
This version requires SlimServer 6.5 or later (6.2 and 6.3 won't even start)
1.30.2   2006-10-27   TrackStat-1.30.2.zip   
Corrected problem where automatic rating caused a crash on files with an url longer than 255 characters.
This version requires SlimServer 6.5 or later (6.2 and 6.3 won't even start)
1.30.1   2006-10-22   TrackStat-1.30.1.zip   
Corrected problem in "delete unused statistics" function.
This version requires SlimServer 6.5 or later (6.2 and 6.3 won't even start)
1.30   2006-10-15   TrackStat-1.30.zip   
Added support for automatic increase/decrease of rating dependent on if track is skiped early or completely played (disabled by default)
Corrected so it works with latest Slimserver 7.0 alpha
This version requires SlimServer 6.5 or later (6.2 and 6.3 won't even start)
1.29.1   2006-10-12   TrackStat-1.29.1.zip   
Corrected so it works with 6.5.1
Please note that this version will do a conversion in TrackStat database tables if you are running slimserver 6.5.1 so it might take a bit longer to startup slimserver the first time.

This version has only been tested towards slimserver 6.5.x (It still might work with 6.3 and 6.2 but this has not been tested)
1.29   2006-10-09   TrackStat-1.29.zip   
Corrected a lot of 6.5 compatibility problems in dynamic playlists.
Corrected some statistics which didn't show correct result.
Corrected so it does not crash when mixerlinks on year is added to slimserver
Added some caching to improve usage with MusicInfoSCR 2.99 and later with whitelisted tags
Removed support for the optional simple queries since they didn't seem to work any faster
Imporoved performance when changing tracks in dynamic playlists.
Added new parameters to CLI interface to support percentage ratings.
Added support to not repeat already played tracks in dynamic playlists.
Added "All xxx" statistics and changed the TS button to use this instead of most played to avoid resorting when rating.
Added support for 10 scale ratings (disabled by default)
This version does not seem to work correctly with Moose 0.44 due to the CLI interface changes.

This version has only been tested towards slimserver 6.5 (It still might work with 6.3 and 6.2 but this has not been tested)
1.28.2   2006-09-25   TrackStat-1.28.2.zip   
Corrected so it works with latest 6.5
1.28.1   2006-09-24   TrackStat-1.28.1.zip   
Corrected an error so it does not crash with CustomBrowse 1.4
1.28   2006-09-02   TrackStat-1.28.zip   
Corrected problem with incorrect order of rating stars in slimserver 6.5
Updated so it remembers last menu position in TrackStat menu on SqueezeBox
Made it possible to enable/disable TS buttons in web interface
Made it possible to enable/disable play+hold action in SqueezeBox browse menus
1.27.4   2006-08-30   TrackStat-1.27.4.zip   
Corrected so hold+play mixer function works with latest 6.5 release
1.27.3   2006-07-28   TrackStat-1.27.3.zip   
Corrected iTunes import so it does not crash
1.27.2   2006-07-27   TrackStat-1.27.2.zip   
Corrected problem with dynamic playlist for partly played albums statistics
1.27.1   2006-07-27   TrackStat-1.27.1.zip   
Corrected so disabled statistics are not shown in the web interface
Corrected so rating works with slimserver 6.5 after 25/7
Corrected so changed ratings are shown directly on the display in slimserver 6.5 after 25/7
1.27   2006-07-26   TrackStat-1.27.zip   
Added support for scheduled backups once per day
Added support for ignoring artist/albums with few tracks in statistics
Added statistics for partially played artist/album
Corrected problems with links in Fishbone skin in latest slimserver 6.5
Corrected problem with accented characters in iTunes import in slimserver 6.5
Corrected problem where ratings were not possible to set via the web interface in latest slimserver 6.5
Changed so iTunes import, MusicIP import/export and restore of backups is done in the background on slimserver 6.5
Changed so iTunes import don't parse playlist part of iTunes xml, the result is improved performance
1.26   2006-06-25   TrackStat-1.26.zip   
Added browsing to TrackStat menu on SqueezeBox
Added "hold play" action to get to TrackStat menu when browsing on SqueezeBox
Statistics are now put into different groups
Added possibility to rate non playing tracks on SqueezeBox while browsing in the TrackStat menu
1.25.1   2006-06-23   TrackStat-1.25.1.zip   
Corrected problems with the following statistics:
- Most played songs recently played
- Top rated songs recently played
- Not rated songs recently played
- Not rated songs not recently played
1.25   2006-06-17   TrackStat-1.25.zip   
Added support for groups in DynamicPlayList plugin
1.24.1   2006-06-15   TrackStat-1.24.1.zip   
Corrected problem where MusicIP integration didn't work if track was outside slimserver music path
1.24   2006-06-14   TrackStat-1.24.zip   
Added support for TS buttons in browse by year (requires slimserver 6.5 13/6 or later)
Corrected some errors in some of the statistics that didn't work correctly in all situations
Added statistics for:
- Least played recently/not recentely added artist/album/songs
- Most played recently/not recently added artist/albums/songs
- Not completely rated recently/not recently played artist/album/songs
- Not completely rated recently/not recently added artist/album/songs
- Not rated recently/not recently played artist/album/songs
- Not rated recently/not recently added artist/album/songs
- Top rated recently/not recently added artist/albums/songs

1.23.1   2006-06-11   TrackStat-1.23.1.zip   
Corrected crash when "New Music" were selected in slimserver 6.5
1.23   2006-06-11   TrackStat-1.23.zip   
Added so statistics can be browsed by clicking directly on artist/album/genre/year names in TrackStat web ui
Added support for CLI notifications on slimserver 6.2 (Ratings are now updated in Moose also when used with slimserver 6.2)
Added indication in TrackStat web ui on the track which the TS button were clicked on
Added support for setting ratings on all tracks in an album (default only unrated tracks, option in settings dialog to also include already rated tracks)
Average ratings are now shown in the top of the statistics result for the selected album/artist/genre/year/playlist
Added new statistics for:
- Top rated playlists
- Most played playlists
- Not completely rated album/artist
1.22.1   2006-06-08   TrackStat-1.22.1.zip   
Optimized mysql performance by changing charset on TrackStat tables and optimized refresh statistics SQL statements for mysql
1.22   2006-06-06   TrackStat-1.22.zip   
Added support for web links in dynamic playlist
Corrected play all buttons which didn't work correctly in slimserver 6.5 (split scanner)
1.21   2006-06-03   TrackStat-1.21.zip   
Added TrackStat buttons in most of the browse pages
Updated so it remembers the context when selecting statistics
Updated so its also compatible with slimserver 6.5 releases after 23/5
1.20   2006-05-28   TrackStat-1.20.zip   
Added support for musicmagic links in web ui
Corrected problem with DynamicPlayList integration where most playlist didn't have any names
1.19.1   2006-05-27   TrackStat-1.19.1.zip   
Corrected character set in title when browsing statistic
Corrected so links works in default skin on slimserver 6.5
Corrected so header link refresh currently browsed statistic
1.19   2006-05-26   TrackStat-1.19.zip   
Updated so it automatically refresh web page at regular intervals
Added support for browsing statistics in web ui
1.18.3   2006-05-25   TrackStat-1.18.3.zip   
Corrected so play/add links in statistic pages looks the same as in the browse pages
1.18.2   2006-05-23   TrackStat-1.18.2.zip   
Corrected so rating via web ui works for current playing song
1.18.1   2006-05-22   TrackStat-1.18.1.zip   
Corrected problem where Moose library scan didn't work with SQLite database
Corrected problem where the ***** statistic links where not possible to hide
1.18   2006-05-21   TrackStat-1.18.zip   
Internal restructuring to make it easy to add new statistics
Made it possible to select which statistic links to show in web ui
Made it possible to set rating on non playing tracks from TrackStat web ui
Average album/artist ratings are now shown in web ui
Added statistics calculations for:
- Artist/Albums played long ago
- Last played album/artist
- Albums/Artists/Songs rated with a specific rating
1.17.2   2006-05-18   TrackStat-1.17.2.zip   
Corrected problem which could cause crash at startup if using SQLite
1.17.1   2006-05-13   TrackStat-1.17.1.zip   
Corrected problem in iTunes export and dynamic iTunes integration
1.17   2006-05-12   TrackStat-1.17.zip   
Added support for iTunes export using history files
Added support for real history logging
Optimized performance with mysql 4.1 (Used 100% CPU earlier)
Corrected Fishbone skin layout in slimserver 6.5
Configurable parameters of how long a song must be played
Track statistics refresh is now enabled at startup again
Added new statistics for:
- Top rated genres/years
- Most played genres/years
- Top rated songs/albums/artists recently played
- Top rated songs/albums/artists not recently played
- Most played songs/albums/artists recently played
- Most played songs/albums/artists not recently played
1.16.2   2006-05-06   TrackStat-1.16.2.zip   
Corrected problem which caused crash in SQLite setups
1.16.1   2006-05-03   TrackStat-1.16.1.zip   
Added option to turn on/off automatically refresh statistic operation at startup and after rescan.
Note! These are turned off by default, so if you want automatically refresh you will need to turn on these options in the TrackStat web ui.
1.16   2006-04-28   TrackStat-1.16.zip   
Added support for CLI commands in slimserver 6.2
1.15   2006-04-22   TrackStat-1.15.zip   
Added information about "last added" to TrackStat statistic data
Added ability to start a dynamic playlist from TrackStat web ui (Requires DynamicPlayList plugin)
Corrected problem with Plugins dir path on Debian/Mac
Added so refresh is automatically performed after rescan (Slimserver 6.5 only)
Added statistic calculations for:
- Last added songs/albums/artists
- Never played songs/albums/artists
- Not rated songs/albums/artists
1.14.1   2006-04-11   TrackStat-1.14.1.zip   
Performance optimization for mysql
Added option for fast queries which is usable on slow machines
1.14   2006-04-09   TrackStat-1.14.zip   
Added CLI notifications for changed rating and statistics
Changed calculation of album/artist ratings
1.13.1   2006-04-07   TrackStat-1.13.1.zip   
Made it more crash safe, no new functionallity
1.13   2006-04-03   TrackStat-1.13.zip   
Corrected problem where MusicMagic integration were always enabled
Added CLI interface for get/set ratings, see README.txt for more information
1.12.4   2006-03-30   TrackStat-1.12.4.zip   
Corrected problem that Music Magic import/export/integration didn't work with characters such as & in the path.
Added possibility to change character used to display ratings
1.12.3   2006-03-25   TrackStat-1.12.3.zip   
Corrected problem that Music Magic import didn't work for large collections.
1.12.2   2006-03-19   TrackStat-1.12.2.zip   
Corrected problem that it crashed with slimserver 6.5 build 6550 and later
1.12.1   2006-03-18   TrackStat-1.12.1.zip   
Corrected problem that it crashed if datbase errors occured during refresh operation.
1.12   2006-03-18   TrackStat-1.12.zip   
Added support for MusicMagic integration so ratings, play counts and last played time can be set in MusicMagic.
Added support for plugin interface making it possible for other plugins to receive information about changed ratings, play counts and last played time.
1.11.1   2006-03-15   TrackStat-1.11.1.zip   
Corrected problem when rating is performed on track which contains musicbrainz id and does not exist in TrackStat statistics since before.
1.11   2006-03-12   TrackStat-1.11.zip   
Added support for musicbrainz id tags. (Thanks to hakan for patch)
Added purge option to clean unused old statistic information.
Added refresh option that synchronize urls, musicbrains ids and ratings between standard slimserver database and TrackStat.
Added integration with DynamicPlaylist plugin.
1.10.1   2006-02-26   TrackStat-1.10.1.zip   
Corrected layout problem in default skin
1.10   2006-02-26   TrackStat-1.10.zip   
Updated web interface with more artist and album statistics
- Most played albums
- Most played artists
- Least played albums
- Least played artists
Added "play all" buttons on statistic pages
1.9.2   2006-02-21   TrackStat-1.9.2.zip   
Updated readme with instruction about that MusicInfoSCR no longer supports custom items, standard title formats is now used instead.
No code changes compared to version 1.9.1
1.9.1   2006-02-21   TrackStat-1.9.1.zip   
Corrected crash when last played time does not exist in tracks table
1.9   2006-02-18   TrackStat-1.9.zip   
Updated web interface with play/add buttons in statistic lists.
Updated web interface with artist and album statistics
Corrected error which caused rating not be written to database when rating were performed using the web interface.
1.8   2006-02-17   TrackStat-1.8.zip   
Updated web interface so it is possible to view statistics
1.7   2006-02-12   TrackStat-1.7.zip   
Updated handling of title formats so they are updated when the rating changes.
The new title format support can be used to view ratings in track listings in the web interface.
Corrected problem when setting rating during the last 5 seconds of track.
1.6   2006-02-10   TrackStat-1.6.zip   
Updated SQL code so it is safe for strange characters in file names and tags
Updated SQL code so it can't crash slimserver if data access don't work
1.5   2006-02-07   TrackStat-1.5.zip   
Updated so it supports the following title formats:
1.4.1   2006-02-07   TrackStat-1.4.1.zip   
Updated readme with information that patched MusicInfoSCR is no longer required.
No code changes since previous release.
1.4   2006-02-05   TrackStat-1.4.zip   
Updated so it works with both slimserver 6.2.* and 6.5.
Updated web interface with Fishbone skin and rating stars.
1.3   2006-01-29   TrackStat-1.3.zip   
Corrected crash in iTunes import when not both play count and last played time exists in iTunes xml file.
1.2   2006-01-29   TrackStat-1.2.zip   
Added documentation, no code changes.
1.1   2006-01-22   TrackStat-1.1.zip   
Added support for:
- Import or play count, last played time, rating from iTunes xml file
- Backup/Restore to xml file
- Possiblity to clear all data
1.0   2006-01-14   TrackStat-1.0.zip   
First official version